Innovative project ideas for ece students





In order to develop technical projects people need to get new ideas, so some innovative project ideas for ece students are list on this page. Here one can get title of the project with related circuit diagram and component details. In case of microcontroller requirement projects have program for specific controller. This list contain only working circuit which was check by internal expert team of project tunnel website. Hence students who are looking for mini projects for ece OR Final year electronics projects they can easily develop their model. It is required that ece students should have basic understanding of the circuit understanding with physical PCB development as per circuit diagram mention in various listed projects. So some of the Simple Electric Circuit Project are listed below, students as per available components can select their work and develop. It is guided that people who are developing first time should do under the supervision of mentor or guide, as experiment may damage components as well. So some of innovative project ideas for ece students with complete circuit diagram, components and layout are: replica watches

Water level indictor electronics projects

Multi Tone Siren Electronics project

Mobile Bug Electronic Project

Development of Integer Wavelet Transform and Lifting scheme on Lossless Image Compression









In order to get projects of IEEE which people use in there Final year projects for ece one can click on this Link. Here IEEE projects for ece were listed with there document file, IEEE paper and code.  


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