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Project Owner GuideLine


Project owner should follow below points for maximum reach and sale of its projects:

  • Create attractive profile by mentioning all required details like name, contact number, email id, social profiles, highest education, total experience.
  • Upload some free projects in your profile this will increase your views and your profile get boost up in mention category.
  • Upload relevant video, PPT, Images, Screen Shot, to visualize user about the features of the project.
  • Describe your project features in details so buyer can understand lots of thing before purchasing.
  • Mention hardware and software requirement clearly in the project as this increase buyer understanding for the minimum requirement before purchasing.
  • Always attach readme file in the project for reducing the operation at your (project owner side) end.
  • Check your code before uploading to the project tunnel.
  • Project tunnel do not bound any project owner to upload its project code, but in case of free listing project one has to upload.
  • Project Tunnel team will verify each uploaded project before getting live, so check that all functions which was mention in description section while uploading project.
  • When project owner do not share project code for paid project than they have to share some link of there live project, by this project buyer or end user can see your running project features.
  • All paid projects which get purchase by the user will be refeclt on your dashboard.
  • Payment of each purchased project will be done in next five working days, for more details read Terms and Condition.
  • Project owner can earn money through  two ways:

First through paid project

Second through project page per view

For more detail visit Terms and Condition.

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