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Water level indictor




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Today I am going to talk about a very useful project that I had taken up. It is called the Water Level Indicator.It is known as the Water Level Indicator. These days everyone has overhead tank at their homes. Yet, everybody who has a water tank above knows the sort of issues that they confront. Right off the bat there is no framework to track the water in the tank. At that point there come an optional issue that is the point at which their water pump is begun they have no clue when it gets topped off and now and then there are circumstance where the direct continues drawing water to the tank and the water begins spilling out from the tank. There is wastage of vitality and in addition wastage of water.


Water tank overflow is a common problem which leads to the wastage of water. Though there are many solutions to it like ball valves which automatically stop the water flow once the tank gets full.  which will detect the water level and will raise an alarm upon getting the water tank

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Software Requirement :   Dip trace

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