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Here one can get list of project ideas one can adopt for there engineering project for Electronics or electrical branch. Even one can adopt these ides in mechatronic works. These are very simple project and used for day to day life. In this blog Final year student of ece student can definately get there innovative idea for there work.



Water level indictor electronics projects

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01. Laser voice communication (Voice transmit from one user to another via laser communication)


02. Water level indicator (There are four different level of the water tank indicate by the LCD or LED)


03. Object counter (Our device count the object which are passing from the desire region)


04. Line follower robot (The robot follows the path which is draw by the user and run over the black line)


05. TV remote based robot (The robot run by the TV remote like front, back, left ,right by CH+,CH-,VOL+,VOL-)


06. Mobile bug detector (Our device indicate the call are coming before the phone ringing)


07. Automatic gate controller using 555 timers (Device can close the gate automatically where train are coming and open gate when the train pass away)


08. Automatic voting machine (System count the vote for each candidate during the voting we calculate the vote for four candidate)


09. Automatic street light controller (Street light control automatically by the system)


10. Toll tax automation (Machine can open the gate automatically when user can swap the smart card and payment automatically paid and gate will be open)


11. Smart card based ATM system (We can use the smart card for pay the bill of the shop we use two card in this system with different amount)


12. Clapping circuit (Our circuit is control by the clap sound)


13. RF Based robot (Robot control by the wireless RF remote)


14. RF Based Fire Alarm System (System automatically indicate the fire emergency when the over temperature acquire)


15. RF Based home appliances control (It control our home appliances though remote)


16. Automatic car parking system (Device indicate that which shoat are available for parking and open the gate of parking lot if all slot are full then it indicate all slot are full and does not open the parking lot gate)


17. Digital clock (clock indicate the Time,Temprature and mousture)


18.Wireless stepper moter speed controller (Speed of stepper moter controll by the remotr)


19.GSM based notice board (Our display bord show the massage which you send to device by your cellphone)


20.GSM based water pump control (Our pump which are install at the farm are controll through the massage and it also send the condition of the pump)


21.High sequrity door lock system (When you show the ID card and enter the correct password then door became open otherwice it will be close)


22.Remote controlled toy car (Remote control toy car circuit can be used to on and off the motor of the toy car with the help of your remote.)


23.Four-Player Quiz Buzzer (simple electronic circuit which can be used in any test or quiz competition.)


24.Electronic Code Locking System (The code lock circuit can be installed in lockers, almirah or cupboard in homes and offices to protect your important documents or jeweller. In this locker can only be opened when you press the correct code.)


25.Fire alarm (This project about fire alarm circuit is based on temperature sensor.)


26.Overheat / Overcooling circuit breaker (Electronic circuit is very useful to fight with problems like overheating or overcooling of electronic devices.)


27.RF based Intruder Alarm (This project extends the functionality of intruder alarm to alert a user at a distant location.)


28. Relay activation using IR remote (Operating an electrical/electronic device through wireless communication is very commonly required.)


29.Celsius and Fahrenheit scale digital thermometer (Fahrenheit scale digital thermometer is a temperature indicator which displays temperature in Fahrenheit scale.)


30. Temperature controlled fan (When temperature increase from a decided limit then fan automatic on.)


31. TV remote jammer (When we run this device near TV all TV remote does not work from it.)


32 .RF Signal Detector (It detect all radio frequency range signal )

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