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Video watermarking Using PCA complete source code download

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Project Discription


Proposed solution

Whole work is divide into two steps first is embedding where video frames are analyze and watermark bits are embedded into the frames while in next step watermark bits are extract from the embedded video that is term as extraction. 

Original Video: As shown in block diagram first block will read original video. This reading means covert that video into collection of sequential frames. Now all frames are in form of two dimensional matrix and complete video is of three dimensional matrix. One dimension for row, second for the column and third for the frames.

Frame Scene Detection

In this block video is divide into scenes and the decision for selecting the scene is base on the edge detection algorithm. This will select those pixels from the frame which is present on the edges of the frame image. Now subtract those pixel value is required for the consecutive frames if these subtraction value is above the threshold value then new frame start from the current frame or put this frame in the same scene. Repeat this step for all the frames in the video.

Principal Component Analysis

Next block of the work is apply PCA on the selected cube after DWT. This give generate new matrix for the cube of same size but as the work of PCA is to find the pattern that is obtain in this block.

This can be understand as if the selected matrix is X then the resultant matriz is Z which is a multiple of the X and the transpose of the unit eigenvector of the sample covariance XXT , arranged in decreasing order of the corresponding eigenvalues, and X is a centered version of X, with row means subtracted from each row.



In this work a new approach of watermarking is implemented where frequency domain is utilized for the work. Proposed work is evaluated on the different attacks at different level such as spatial and geometrical. Results show that proposed work well in all condition with various parameters. It has been obtain that 0.03 is the BER rate of the work in presence of attack condition which is high effective. There is always working in research so the system need improvement in cropping attack and rotation attack as well.

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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   MATLAB

Hardware Requirement :   • Intel Processor 2.0 GHz or above. • 2 GB RAM or more. • 160 GB or more Hard Disk Drive or above.

Application :  

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