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Spatially Aware Term Selection for Geotagging





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Here In previous work [Base paper] they only focus on the text relevancy to the spatial data by using the images of the flicker website then relating the coordinates of the images and terms associated with that year project for civil engineering pdf As they relate different location using terms only that are very loosely coupled. Because they have generate the group of the similar terms while searching on this basis will be very poor. Such as search the “Red Fort” word then there are thousands of fort in the world, so locating all those will definitely increase the task of of the server to show which top images for the term “fort”.

Working using only terms base is not sufficient for the proper correlation between the different coordinates as developing pattern on the co-ordinate will strongly relate them and search more effectively. This can be understand as by searching the “Red Fort” system can generate only those location that match this pattern RED+FORT. Now one has to find this kind of patterns in the dataset for the effective search.

So here work focus on generating such pattens from the dataset then associate those patterns at different co-ordinates. This will boost the search engine to pop only those location those match that pattern

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Software Requirement :   MATLAB

Hardware Requirement :   • Intel Processor 2.0 GHz or above. • 2 GB RAM or more. • 160 GB or more Hard Disk Drive or above.

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