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Cloud Based Secured Document Retrival Using Encryption Techniques

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  • Here increase the accuracy of the relevant document retrieval.
  • Reduce the execution time of the searching algorithm.
  • Privacy of the document can be increase by proving the secure hash number.
  • Text document searching by query need to be secure by assigning the number as this reduce the time of comparison as well.

Cloud Computing

Currently, it would be fair to consider cloud computing as a de facto solution in every aspect in a computing world as far as the current World Wide Web standards and architecture are able to facilitate them. The subtle reason for this is many conveniences it brings to both users and the system owners, such as feasibility, ease of use, cost and so on. There are also many disadvantages and nuisances it might bring depending on the providers and the users; therefore there are many enterprises and organizations that prefer deploying distributed solutions into their own infrastructure. There exist many variables and properties in a cloud system that define the whole system and affect the aforementioned benefits and nuisances. The major ones include service model, deployment model and architecture.

Problem Statement

As large amount of text data is continuously upload on the server and this takes to new issue of the relevant data fetching. So specific search engines are required for the fetching of the relevant document from the group. As number of intruders make continuous attack on the system so secure system is highly demand. As this is an short an kind of live service so execution time for passing user search query and finding relevant data required less time. System should accept multi-keyword searching technique. So a proper data structure is required for the arrangement of the terms from the available dataset. 

Proposed Solution

In this work document retrieval was proposed that efficiently the fetch document as per query.  Here hash based indexing of the dataset document was done by utilizing term features. In order to provide privacy for the terms each of this is identified by a unique number and each document has its hash index key for identification. Proposed work has increase the retrieval efficiency of the work in all different evaluation parameters. So use of hash based indexing provide privacy with efficiency for document retrieval.

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