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online training and placement project in java

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online training and placement project in java? is a student/company information system which is a Web based application created in Advanced  Java. The project has been developed on the basis of “Placement And Traning Cell” being presently used in the University for storing and retrieving the information of students and companies who are registered in placement cell 

  • Project Scope
  • Existing System
  • Proposed System
  • System Overview 

System Overview:

 The key features required in the system are as follows:

  1. Admin
  2. Branch
  3. Company
  4. Course
  5. Recruiters
  6. Skills
  7. Student
  8. Search
  9. Report 

?Technology Used: Servlets, JSP, MySql

Language: Java

Model Type: Individual/Personal


To Manage Training and Placement In College.


  1. To perform a thorough analysis of working of the whole System.
  2. To study the problems in the System through fact finding techniques.
  3. To follow SDLC to develop the system.
  4. To develop conceptual, logical and physical model for the system.
  5. To develop Graphical User Interface (GUI) as per convenience of the user.
  6. To implement the physical model, being tested as per the standards.
  7. To document our efforts and analysis in a proper comprehensible manner. 


  1. To make a responsive, easy to operate, fast and efficient retrieval of information as per the user's convenience.
  2. To provide all information about Raw Material to User and Maintain payments of supplier and buyer.
  3. To provide ease in the maintenance of different types of Raw Material Requirement.
  4. To make a database that is consistent, reliable and secure.
  5. To provide correct, complete, ongoing information.
  6. To develop a well-organized information storage system.
  7. To make good documentation so as to facilitate possible future enhancements. 

Software Development

The total span of developing the Database Management System that I got was 3 months. During this duration, I was involved in the different aspects of system development viz. System analysis, System design and development.In this limited period of time, it was impossible for me to devote as much time as I would have wanted, on each of the phases.Despite this limitation, the project gave me an opportunity to understand and learn about the various phases of the Software development life cycle.It was a good opportunity for me to learn about the various phases of System development in depth, by means of documents, System Study and interacting with System users and further clarifications of doubts with the guide.

Created By: neeraj 


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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   Netbeans, jsp servlet, database-My Sql

Hardware Requirement :   Processor- Pentium 4 RAM- 512 Mb. Hard Disk - 80 GB . Monitor- SVGA Color Monitor. Keyboard - Standard keyboard. Mouse - Standard mouse

Application :  

Project Attachement

Source Code online training and placement and project

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