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online examination system in php source code download. online examination system project in php source code free download

Hardware Requirements:-

  • Pentium-IV(Processor).
  • 256 MB Ram
  • 512 KB Cache Memory
  • Hard disk 10 GB
  • Microsoft Compatible 101 or more Key Board

Software Requirements: -

  • Operating System :           Windows
  • Web-Technology:              PHP
  • Front-End:                          HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT
  • Back-End:                           MySQL
  • Web Server:                       Apache SERVER.

                                       Design is the first step in the development phase for any techniques and principles for the purpose of defining a device, a process or system in sufficient detail to permit its physical realization.

                                          Once the software requirements have been analyzed and specified the software design involves three technical activities - design, coding, implementation and testing that are required to build and verify the software.

                                      online examination system project .The design activities are of main importance in this phase, because in this activity, decisions ultimately affecting the success of the software implementation and its ease of maintenance are made. These decisions have the final bearing upon reliability and maintainability of the system. Design is the only way to accurately translate the customer’s requirements into finished software or a system.

Use case diagrams model behavior within a system and helps the developers understand of what the user require. The stick man represents what’s called  an actor.

                        Use case diagram can be useful for getting an overall view of the system and clarifying who can do and more importantly what they can’t do.

                        Use case diagram consists of use cases and actors and shows the interaction between the use case and actors.

  • The purpose is to show the interactions between the use case and actor.
  • To represent the system requirements from user’s perspective.

             An actor could be the end-user of the system or an external system


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Software Requirement :   • Operating System : Windows • Web-Technology: PHP • Front-End: HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT • Back-End: MySQL • Web Server: Apache SERVER.

Hardware Requirement :   • Pentium-IV(Processor). • 256 MB Ram • 512 KB Cache Memory • Hard disk 10 GB • Microsoft Compatible 101 or more Key Board

Application :  

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