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Finger Print Based Lock System with document

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The Fingerprint-Based Door Lock System is engineered to provide a high level of security by using the R307 Fingerprint Sensor to capture and store unique biometric data, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized individuals to gain access. The system operates by enrolling authorized users' fingerprints and subsequently verifying their identity when they attempt to unlock the door. Once the fingerprint is matched with a stored template, the solenoid lock is either activated or deactivated, allowing or denying entry, respectively.

The project documentation outlines the components used in the system, including the Arduino microcontroller, R307 Fingerprint Sensor, solenoid lock, and other essential hardware. It offers detailed descriptions of each component's role in the system and how they interconnect to create a seamless access control system.

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Software Requirement :   Arduino IDE

Hardware Requirement :   Arduino UNO R3, R307 fingerprint sensor, Solenoid lock, Relay module, 18650 batteries x 2

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