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crm project in php free download



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customer relationship management project documentation. php project download with spurce code. download xampp 7.1 and run customer relationship project. create database and run crm project.  Customer relationship management refers to improving the relationship with the customers so that the customers keep buying back the goods and the benefit will be that our business will grow. That is to 'manage the relationship with the customer of your company. Customer Relationship Management is that it tracks the interactions, sales, and behavior with each customer and keeps a record of them and using it can easily measure the performance and growth of the business. 

Collecting and storing data: - This is the first step in the process. First of all, we have to collect information about each customer and store that information in the CRM system. 

Talking to the customer personally: That is, if the customer is having trouble with a product, then he should talk to that customer continuously until his problem is resolved. If that customer is having trouble, again and again, he should not leave it but he should handle it because if one customer is having trouble then others can also suffer. 

The CRM system has a historical view and analysis of all acquired or acquired customers. This helps reduce customer discovery and correlation and helps customers grow more effectively and business. 

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Software Requirement :   xampp 7.1 , notepad++

Hardware Requirement :   • Intel Processor 2.0 GHz or above. • 2 GB RAM or more. • 160 GB or more Hard Disk Drive or above.

Application :  

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