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Iot project ideas for beginners




If you are from the IT industry and have a computer science background or someone who wanted to opt for a career in the iot field and don’t have an idea about what to do first or wandering to know the best topic or idea for starting your journey as iot developer then you are at the right place. Here in this blog we are going to discuss the hot topics or ideas for each and everyone who wants to engulf themselves in this new emerging site that is full of hopes and opportunities.

Before discussing the projects lets know about some things that will be useful for you to understand it better and will help in utilising the information in a manner that assists in the project.

Some project ideas for beginners – let's discuss the topics and ideas that a beginner should consider in determining the subject, in which; he/she wants to work on to develop  that project with the help of the internet of things. Some of the project ideas are as follows :

  1. IOT Network Lifespan Expansion
  2. IOT Devices Energy Optimization
  3. IOT Packet Routing
  4. IOT Based Electric Load Balancing
  5. Under Water IOT Network Optimization
  6. Coal Mine IOT Network Optimization
  7. IOT Based Drone Monitoring Network optimization
  8. IOT Network Spectrum Optimization
  9. Disaster Management by IOT Devices
  10. Industry Gas Alarming by IOT Devices
  11. AIR Pollution Monitoring System Optimization
  12. Weather Reporting Device Routing
  13. Agriculture Machinery Monitoring by IOT Network
  14. Agriculture Crop Production Prediction
  15. Weather and Environment Based Crop yield Prediction
  16. Traffic Management IOT Device Routing
  17. IOT Based Health Monitoring and Prediction
  18. Flood Monitoring and Alarming System
  19. Renewable Energy utilization System by Smart Grid
  20. Mountain Climber Health Alarming System
  21. Smart Parking System Optimization
  22. House Appliances Energy Utilization
  23. IOT Garbage Collector Optimization System
  24. IOT Based ECG Monitoring and Alarming
  25. IOT Biometric Attendance System (Retina / Fingerprint)
  26. IOT Based Street Light Monitoring Optimization

1. smart weather update system – one can make a smart weather update system. This type of project will help individuals about the weather conditions in their locality so that they can be alert prior and be ready to face the upcoming weather condition. It will also help farmers and other seasonal wanders to understand and decide how, when, what and where they should invest to get better outcomes.

2. traffic avoiding system – traffic is becoming a headache for everyone. Each of us has faced the overload of traffic on main roads and streets in their day to day life; And to tackle this we have to go ahead of the time so that we can reach our destination on time. As we all know time is money. To avoid the wastage of time and to reach the destination before, one can work on a traffic avoiding system. That will help those who are seeking the shortest possible way without much traffic, so that they can reach their destination on time.

3. smart health check up system – health is the wealth of human beings and It is said “a healthy mind lies in a healthy body” so developing a system that helps people to check health on their own will be a good choice to work on and this type of  project will be good help for individuals.


4. automatic attendance updating system -  schools, colleges, offices and other institutes who have students and employees need a system to monitor them. So an automatic attendance updating system can help this type of people and you can have a project that will work in this field to gather information as well.

5. system to find or locate devices - sometimes we use things and place it anywhere then later we wander around to find where we left those things. It happens with each of us whether it is home or office or any other place. So how about we make a system that helps us to reach those things without making further delay.

6. automated door and windows - 

7. oxygen level checking device

8. smart schedule manager

9. maintaining and monitoring water level in body

10. smart  water tank monitoring system


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