Final Year Project Ideas For Computer Science Students



As number of problem around you are different Final Year Project Ideas For Computer Science Students such as automation of any work related to school, college, shop, industry, etc. One can think of online solution which required mass communication to resolve any issue of delivery, marketing, transport, etc. Developing a project is always full of excitement. So project solution for the final year student need to go with following steps, which is also known as project development cycle.

  1. Deep Survey: (Features, Techniques, Competitors, etc.)
  2. Layout: (DFD, ER-Diagram, etc)
  3. Front End Designs: (It depend on survey)
  4. Selection of Technology: (Java, php, .Net, etc. try to select open source)
  5. Make Project Modelling
  6. Develop modules
  7. Connect Modules
  8. Test Different Phase of Project n various scale
  9. Deploy Project

So project ideas for computer engineering include following field:

  1. Online Solutions


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