Android project ideas with source code



Project tunnel is a website where you can get educational information and we help student to make their projects in all categories like software solutions, project solutions, Research solution, Mobile app solution etc..

We would like to share some following projects…

  1. Water lifting pump control by android app, we all know that every idea comes by problem and this is good idea to make a app for project.
  2. School management system android app, this is also very good idea to make Project it’s easy to collect data of school and easy to understand system how it works.
  3. Online Shopping App, nowadays people Google for shopping and looking for a app for shopping’s so this is also good option to choose.
  4. Online Photo Editing App, nowadays everyone using mobile camera and people love to take picture and looking for apps to do editing so this is good idea to make an application.
  5. Social networking App, A social networking app is good idea where you can invite people to join this app and you can connect to each other and do chat... 


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