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Universal Remote for Operating Devices Using RF Module

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Electronics Project Remote Control

Universal Remote is the desired for every human being but problem with this that how to match the frequency of the model. Here this project help every electronic student to design and develop there own remote control for the user having good work.

  • Power Unit
    • Main Power Supply
      • Voltage Regulator (7805)
      • Diode (1N4007)
      • Capacitor (1000uf,104pf)
      • LED For indication
      • Transformer 12v 750mA

RF Unit

  • Rf module -434mhz-
  • resistor-
  •            1000k-
  •            33k-4
  •            10k
  • Resistor bank( 103)
  • dip switch 8way-
  • Push switch
  • HT12d-1(with ic base)
  • 5.HT12e-1(with ic base)
  • PCB 4*6 battery

Relay unit

  • Relay 5v
  • Transistor (Bc557)
  • Diode (1N4007)
  • Resistance 1K

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