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Ultra sonic Based Distance Finder

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The Ultrasonic Rangefinder is used to identify objects at a separation, without the requirement for the person to really get in touch with other end. The Ultrasonic Rangefinder utilizes sound frequency to measure remove, likewise to how bats or on the other hand submarines discover their way around. By transmitting a ultrasonic frequency and timing to what extent it takes to hear a reverberate, the Ultrasonic Rangefinder can precisely gauge how far away the object from the current position of the sensor.


Activity Guide

It is very straightforward or the hypothesis of the distance recognition. The ultrasonic handset conveys the burst waveform and, while sitting tight for the input waveform which is reflected from the hindrance above it, the microcontroller figures the movement time and makes an interpretation of it into the separation.


Component name               Quantity  


               Diode (4007)                                                             4               

               IC      (16F877A)                                                      1               

               Resistance (10k)                                                        1               

               Resistance (1k)                                    2                 

Capacitor (1000mfd/25v)                         2                 

               Capacitor (10mfd/25v)                                              1                         

               Transformer 12v/500Mamp.                                      1                         

                LED (3mm)                                                                        1                         

               LCD                                                                            1                                                 ultra sonic sensor

                Regulator IC (7805)                                                   1                                      

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Software Requirement :   PCB Layout software

Hardware Requirement :   No Requirement

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