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Super Resolution of Brain MRI Images Dataset Download

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Project Discription


Description of dataset: This set containt total 62 images where 31 images of low resoltuon where 31 images of high resoltuion. Each image of low resolution have 128x128 dimesnsion. In similar fashion each image of highresolution have 256x256 dimesnsion. Researcher can download this set of images for there exepriment part of digital image processing projects.

Following are set of field where researcher can apply this dataset:

1. Super Resolution of images

2. Image segmentation

3. Brain Tumor Detection

4. Classification of Images

5. Retrival of images


Researcher can easily get this dataset for multiple use of there work. In future I organize other set of dataset as well.

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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   MATLAB

Hardware Requirement :   No Requirement

Application :   Digital Image Processing Area of Research

Project Attachement

Source Code Dataset file Download
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