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Solar Tracker Project for Final Year Student

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Product Discription


Solar Tracker device target the solar energy to get wider face of sun. This help in generating high electricity energy for the user. Here price of this kind of devid=ce is quit high. Hence we devloped this project to reduce the cost of generating solar energy. Here people can easily develop this model by utilizing list of components shown below with small knowledge of electronic. 


  • Power Supply
    • Transformer
    • Power cable
    • Terminal Block
    • Diode(1N4007)
    • Capacitor (1000mfd, 0.1mfd)
    • Voltage Regulator (7805)
    • Indicator LED (Red)
    • Resistance(10k ohm)
  • Control Unit
    • Controller(P89V51RD2)
    • 40 pin IC Base
    • Crystal Oscillator (11.0592 MHz)
    • Capacitor (22pf)
    • Reset button
    • Resistance (10k ohm)
    • Capacitor(10uf)
    • Resistance Bank(103)
    • LED red
    • LED green
  • I/O Device
    • Motor Driver
      • Driver IC (L293d)
      • DC Gear motor(3.5 RPM)
      • 5v Power Supply

By Using above components and circuit shown in figures one can design complete slar tracking device. So people can increase the efficiency of there solar panel by using this device.


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