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Abstract In the most recent decade, there has been a shortage of effectively managed corporate crises. This study is meant to discover the reasons behind the ineffective crisis management responses through the inspection of past corporate case studies in crisis management, as well as what can be done to help corporations use crisis management more effectively. The best practices in effective corporate crisis management in the three different stages of a crisis were attained through the utilization of case studies and expert opinions. The recommendations for practice include making pre-planning and evaluation regarded as more important in crisis management plans, choosing the correct spokesperson, and involving leaders in every stage of crisis management. These recommendations, along with the other best practices divided into crisis stages, should be a helpful overview to educate a corporate crisis manager prior to a crisis, during a crisis, or after a crisis has occurred.


The implementation of RF based spy robot is done successfully. The communication is properly done without any interference between different modules in the design. Design is done to meet all the specifications and requirements. Software tools like Keil Uvision Simulator, Pro load to dump the source code into the microcontroller, Orcad Lite for the schematic diagram have been used to develop the software code before realizing the hardware.

Continuously reading the commands from the transmitter and change the direction of the Robot accordingly and also monitor the output wireless. The mechanism is controlled by the microcontroller.


Circuit is implemented in Or cad and implemented on the microcontroller board. The performance has been verified both in software simulator and hardware design. The total circuit is completely verified functionally and is following the application software.


It can be concluded that the design implemented in the present work provide portability, flexibility and the data transmission is also done with low power consumption

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