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Online shopping project in php

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Online shopping project in php

Online shopping system project developed in php is basically for distributors, shopkeepers and others who engage themselves in the buying-selling of products and services. Online shopping system is a platform that provides a space in which buyers and sellers can reach each other by using an interface which is connected to the internet. This space is as large as our traditional markets. Nowadays, people prefer online shopping due to various facilities, a variety of goods and services they get just by one click.

If you are a student and looking for a project for your final terms then you can also go for this project to develop a better understanding of its functions.

This online shopping project contains various features for customer, seller and admin. They are as follows:

For customers

  • Get a secured and unique account.
  • Get filter products.
  • Search by keywords, sort by popular and other filters.
  • Get products in various categories like electronics, lady wear, men wear, furniture, home appliances, electronic gadgets etc.
  • Get filtered top selling, top branded and popular products.
  • Get a secure billing and payment system.

For Admins

  • Get a unique ID and password for secure login.
  • Get default user list.
  • Can add or delete products from the product list.
  • Find total users, sellers, categories and orders.
  • Can monitor activities on the site.
  • Get sales information.
  • Can add  and delete user profile from manage users option on the dashboard.

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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   This project is in Php, use Xampp and notepad ++ or any other editor.

Hardware Requirement :   Minimum 2 GB Ram with the processor and hard disk.

Project Attachement

Source Code source code files and a database.

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