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Online Cooking php project with source code and project report





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Product Discription


In this project we are going to build a web site which can be useful to learn about different type of  recipes.


In Online Cooking website there is only one database so there is no chance for ambiguity. It is a robust. It is very easy to use. The Website is Aimed For Accurate & Speedy Recipes Information , Ingredients Information & Also Description Information. Here in our Project we can add most of filtrations like searching the recipe by category , courses, cuisine , international , main courses , Continental etc. And More listed below…



  • Get the information of particular Recipe .


  • Get the information about Ingredients used for making recipe.


  • Users Can Send Feedback Anytime.


  • Secure Admin Login.


  • Wonder Ful User Interface.


  • Admin can update the Profile at any time.


  • Admin Who takes care of the website and mange the account. Admin can Add and Modify the information about the Recipe , Ingredients , Description etc..










         Advantages & Limitations                          


Advantages of “Online Cooking”:

“Online Cooking System” provides various features, which complement the information system and increase the productivity of the system. These features make the system easily usable and convenient.  Some of the important features included are listed as follows:

  • Intelligent User Forms Design
    • Data access and manipulation through same forms
    • Access to most required information
  • Data Security
  • Restrictive data access, as per login assigned only.
  • Organized and structured storage of facts.
  • Strategic Planning made easy.
  • No decay of old Records.
  • Various Filterations in data retriving.


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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/7/8. • HTML/PHP/CSS. • Apache Server • My SQL.

Hardware Requirement :   • Intel Processor 2.0 GHz or above. • 2 GB RAM or more.

Application :   admin login- username- pankaj password- pankaj

Project Attachement

Doc online cooking.vb.doc
Source Code online