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Internship Portal Management System Project in php





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Product Discription


This project shall enable the university students to apply for internship programs. Through this interface the students shall be able to view the available positions for internship. It is a simple user interface which has two types of users admin and student. The student shall be able to login into the system and apply for positions. The interface provides a grid view which display the job name, description and the start and end date of projects. The student shall be able to search for a relevant job and apply for those positions


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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   xampp , notepad++

Hardware Requirement :   Monitor 15 inchcolor Hard disk 20 GB Floppy drive 1.44 MB CD drive LG 52X Key board Standard 102 keys Mouse 3 buttons

Application :   Operating system Windows XP Professional Environment Visual studio NET 2005 Language PHP, CSS Backend MYSQL Technologies used • HTML5 • CSS • PHP • MySQL Server • Bootstrap • JS

Project Attachement

Doc internship portal stem abstract .docx
Source Code internship portal stem