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Grocery Store E Commerce Site with Source Code

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Grocery Store E Commerce Site with Source Code

Decades ago no one had assumed they could buy and sell products and services from their comfort zone or home but now it’s become part of life; we can even buy groceries online by using websites and apps over the internet. Nowadays people are more inclined towards online shopping because it reduces or skips the travelling time and delivers products at their doorstep.

The grocery store E-commerce site is developed for users to buy products online and get them delivered at home without wandering stores to find desired products. Due to digitalization one can acquire desired things whenever and wherever they want.

This project will also be helpful for students who are looking for python based projects with source code so that they can try their hands out on some real time projects.

The grocery store e-commerce site operates in two modules.

1. Customer module.

2. Admin module.

Customers can see category wise products and add them in their carts easily by operating their account on the site and checkout swiftly. Only Admin have authority to control activities on the site.

Features for Customers

  • Secure payment gateway.
  • View orders list.
  • Secured login.
  • Add products in the cart.

Features for Admin

  • Authentic user id and login system.
  • Can add/ update/ delete products images, prices and other details.
  • Can manage users on the site.
  • Can add and manage categories on the site.

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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   This Project was developed n core Php, need XAMPP server and any editor like notepad++ or visual studio or any other.

Hardware Requirement :   The Minimum hardware requirement is 2 GB RAM, i3 Processor and Hard Disk

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Source Code Get Complete Source code Files

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