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E-Commerce Electronic Website

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E-Commerce Electronic Website

Nowadays the demand for electronics items are increasing day by day. Seeking opportunity in it and to make easier supply most of the businesses are operating online to increase their reach and develop their businesses on another level. If you are also looking for a website that provides you a platform through which you can sell your product easily then move to an E-commerce electronics website which is specifically developed for an easy transmission of electronic gadgets or products to the target audiences. 

The E-commerce electronic website project is developed in python and here we provide its source code as well so the students or individuals looking for a python based project can also consider it to explore and understand the project's mechanism.

E-commerce electronic website specializes its features in two modules. First one is the consumer module and the other one is the executor or administrator module. We are going to discuss its features briefly in the following segments one by one.

Features in Admin module

  • easy login process.
  • Secured account.
  • Can update products.
  • Can add product images.
  •  Can add product categories.
  • Can add product subcategory.
  • Can add product price.


Features in Consumer module

  • Can register themselves on the portal.
  • Easy and secure sign in to their accounts.
  • Can see or browse products on the site.
  • Can add billing details.
  • Can see order history.
  • can select mode of payment i.e. online, cash on delivery.

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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   This Project was developed n core Php, which needs an XAMPP server and any editor like notepad++ or visual studio or any other.

Hardware Requirement :   The minimum hardware requirement is 2 GB RAM, i3 Processor and Hard Disk

Project Attachement

Source Code Python shopping Source Code Files

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