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Details of the Footing for the Porch Area

Sheikh Mohd. Ashraf



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A Porch is a space in the front of the building which is use to take a pause before entering or after exiting the building, or to relax for a short time. Porch's can be made in many various types. It beautifies the front face of the building. Makes the building to look attractive and stylish. The given drawing here is to be taken as a reference for the footing details of the porch area. Porch canbe used as a space to relax and chill. Can be used as a place for the evening snacks on the other it also makes the front face of the building look more pleasant and attractive. The drawing gives you the idea of the footing for the proch area, this can be used as an example for making you own porch details.

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Software Requirement :   AutoCAD 2014 or Higher

Hardware Requirement :   Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB Ram (2 GB Recommended), Graphics Card (1 GB)

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Source Code Footing Details for Porch Area By Ashraf Sheikh