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DTMF Home Automation Final Year Project for ECE

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Product Discription


Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) Home Automation lets you operate your home appliances like lights and water pump from your office or any other remote place. So if you forgot to switch off the lights or other appliances while going out, it helps you to turn off the appliance with your cell phone. Your cell phone works as remote control to your home appliances. You can control the desired appliance by presetting the corresponding key. has different sections such as:

2.DTMF decoder
3. Relays

Prog51 is used for programming the 89C1051, 89C2051 and 89C4051 Microcontrollers. 

Procedure to Program a Chip
1. Connect the PRO51 to COM port and USB port on your PC. USB is used for +5V power
supply only. You can use regulated 5V supply and connect it on pin 4 of the 9 Pin connector.
2. Start PROG51 from your program menu.
3. Select appropriate com port on your PC.
4. Insert desired device in the ZIF socket on PRO51. 20 Pin devices like 89C2051 should be
aligned with the bolltom side, i.e., pin 10 on the 89C2051 should be inserted in Pin 20 of the
5. Specify the device in the target device text box.
6. Click Identify button to check if the device inserted matches with the one you specified in
the Target Device text box.
7. Load Hex or Binary file generated using compiler or assembler in the buffer.
8. Click on Erase button to erase the contents of the flash memory of the microcontroller.
Erase process will automatically be followed by a blank check.
9. Click on Program button to write the buffer contents in to the program memory of the
microcontroller. Program action will automatically be followed by a verify cycle.
10. If you wish click on Lock button to secure the device.
11. Remove the device from ZIF socket.


This Project presented a method to control home appliances using mobile phone and DTMF decoder. DTMF tone is generated by pressing the keypad buttons of the mobile phone.The extensive capabilities of this system are what make it so interesting. From the convenience of a simple cell phone, a user is able to control and monitor virtually any electrical device in a household. This makes it possible for users to rest assured that their belongings are secure, that the garage door is shut, and that the television was not left running when they left the house to just list a few of the many uses of this system. The end product will have a simplistic design making it easy for users to interact with. This will be essential because of the wide range of technical knowledge that homeowners have. The popularity and availability of the mobile and mobile network makes this kind of control very useful and powerful. The main advantages of the proposed system are its reliability, low cost, and wide area coverage. Future works for this system can be following 

- Adding SMS message to carry controlling commands as alternate way for DTMF tone. 

- Upgrading the system to control more than one machine at same time.


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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   No Requirement

Hardware Requirement :   micro controller, GSM Module, Mobile SIm, etc.

Application :   Effective control of home appliances like Air Conditioners, Water Heaters, Thermal Baths, Furnaces Incubators. Home appliances control, Hotel lights/ fans Control, Shops and Showrooms appliances control, Industrial appliances etc.

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