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DTMF Based Home Automation System

Son Kumar




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Product Discription




We use many different types of communication in control applications to control home appliances, industrial appliances, and other type of automation. There are two types of communication that is we generally use - one is wired and other one is wireless. In wireless communication we transmits signal wirelessly, like using radio frequency (RF) and in wired communication in which we uses wires like copper wire. In this project “DTMF Based Home Automation System” we are going to control our home appliances wirelessly. Other important feature of this project is, that we are not going to use any microcontroller in it.


Required Components

1.     MT8870 DTMF Decoder                    -1

2.     ULN2003                                            -1

3.     Relay 5 volt                                        -3

4.     Bulb with holder or LED                     -3

5.     Connecting wires

6.     Bread board                                       -2

7.     Aux Wire                                            -1

8.     9 volt battery                                      -2

9.     PVT or Terminal Block                       -4

10.  100K Resistor                                     -2

11.  330K resistor                                      -1

12.  0.1 uf Cap                                          -2

13.  22 pF cap                                          -2

14.  3.57 Mhz Crystal                               -1

15.  Mobile phone                  

16.  LEDs                                                 -3

17.  1K resistor                                         -6

18.  7805                                                  -1

 Required software

  • Dip trace

Circuit Concept and Working

DTMF controlled home appliances project works over mobile DTMF technology that exists in Dial tone. DTMF stands for Dual Tone Multiple Frequency. There are some frequencies that we used to create DTMF tone. In simple words by adding or mixing two or more frequencies generates DTMF tone 

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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   Dip Trace, Tina Pro

Hardware Requirement :   No Requirement

Application :   Complete Dip trace file for development of home automation project. Shop automation Electrical appliance controller system

Project Attachement

Source Code Complete Project File