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TWO WHEEL DRIVE BICYCLE Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering

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Bicycles have traditionally operated as a single-wheel drive vehicle. As is evidenced by their popularity, single wheel-drive bicycles are suitable in most cases. Because they only employ single-wheel drive, however, the use of bicycles are, for the most part, somewhat limited to prepared surfaces such as paved streets, sidewalks, and groomed paths. Although just about everyone who has ever ridden a bicycle has ridden on gravel or unprepared surfaces, all riders know that it is more difficult to ride on these types of surfaces due to the fact that drive is being generated by only the rear wheel. In any event, single-wheel-drive bicycles are the norm because of difficulties involved in transferring to the front wheel the drive generated by the rider. The difficulty in generating drive via the front wheel of a bicycle results from the need to allow the fork (on which the front wheel is mounted) freedom to turn substantially in either direction from the centre position in order to permit the cyclist to steer the bicycle. Because the fork must be free to turn, it is not possible to directly connect the pedals to the front wheel. While two-wheel-drive bicycles have been proposed, there remains need for an easily-operable and readily steer able two-wheel-drive bicycle, so that riders will have greater opportunity for enjoyable cycling on off-road trails and other unprepared surfaces. Therefore, a two-wheel-drive bicycle overcoming various problems and shortcomings of the prior art would be an important improvement in the art.



  • Since efficiency of the vehicle increases, as we know that there is increasing threat on the scarcity of petroleum. This type of vehicle would help a lot in energy saving.
  • Both wheel drive bicycle let the user to invest less and utilise more.
  • Since the rider does not need to counter steer and can avoid rear wheel slides, control of power becomes much easier
  • The central gearing system enables the user to paddle the vehicle more conviniently, as the power required to drive the paddle will be less as compared to single wheel bicycle. 
  • Better utilisation of power extracted from the user.
  • As the cost of the vehicle is less and operates without fuel. Its user may belong to any income group, which is a better alternative for single wheel drive cycles and fuel consumeable vehicles.
  • As the vehicle is Eco green and require less maintainance, it is best recommendation for Environmental Protection and Health.


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