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Hydraulic Robotic Arm for Mechanical Final Year Project

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Hydraulic Robotic Arm is a system which coupled by machines and hydraulic. It is widely applicable in all kinds of large engineering equipment’s. Such as arm frame of crane. The arm system of the redundant freedom, strong, nonlinear, coupled with rigid and flexible characters. In hydraulic robotic arm the dynamic differential equation is built with the driving force of the hydraulic cylinder as the main force. By using the PD controlled theory without de coupling and rank decreasing only with feedback from control of the arm and position pose and movement the relationship between the hydraulic system and the end positions & pose is studied. The simultaneous result prove the movement equation built by this way can clearly describe each dynamic character of the mechanical arms.

Material used
1. Cardboard – 90*110 sq. cm
2. Hard cardboard for arms (links) – 3*50 sq. cm
3. Syringes (10 ml) – 8 Pcs.
4. Wires (Aluminium) – 50 cm long
5. Wood sticks for joints and connections – 10 sticks
6. Tie – 16
7. Vinyl tubes 100 cm
8. Paper tape
9. Glue gun with refills
10. Fevi-quick
11. Spray paint (yellow)
12. Old battery
PROCEDURE / Steps of Working
? Firstly we take the some hard cardboard links and cut it for the arms.
? Then take a cardboard base and the first arm fixed on the base for screw.
? After that make holes on the arm for fixed the arms. Then the arms are fixed by hard wooden sticks and also used washer for free movement of arms.
? There after take hard cardboard sheet for the small arms of the vehicle and cut the arms by measurement of and hole of this arm for both poles to fixed of the arms in the base structure. The holes are measured by the screw measurement.
? After that take two syringes and joint the syringes by a pipe and the pipe is fixed by the glue in the syringe nozzle. And leave it for one hour to permanently fix the glue.
? After that in this joint syringes feel up by the water to follow the Pascal’s law. And it’s essential that the water in the syringe without any vacuum or without any bubbles.
? Last the water fell up syringes are fixed in the arms to move the arms by the pressure of the water or hydraulic.

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