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Electric Platform Truck Mechanical Final Year Project

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The JALDOOT Electric platform truck, Model SFBT, is a four wheeler battery operated Material Handling Unit used for transportation of loads up to 2000kgs. On asphalt or smooth, dry and trampled down road

It is used for inter plant transportation, for servicing store houses, railway station, air port, etc. in short for transportation of materials in short distances.

A series wound Electric Motor of ample power energize by the Battery of the electric truck sets it into motion. The drive of the motor is transmitted to the differential of the rear axle, with solid non-skid bonded rubber tyres through oil bathed reduction gear box and floating type propeller shaft.

The electric truck must be operated only by the persons ,who have received a special operating training and have got acquainted with the construction of the truck.
         Before starting the truck ,the following point must be thoroughly inspected.
(a). The battery :Whether it is properly charged and serviced.
(b). The controller : Whether the contactors are working in their proper order.
(c). The truck: 1).The steering is functioning properly.
                          2).The brakes are functioning properly.
         While starting the truck, the following operating sequences should be strictly followed.
a. Insert the starter key in starting switch and keep it in off position.
b. The direction control hand lever in neutral position.
c. Plug the battery cable in truck’s sockets.
d. Release the parking hand brake.
e. Switch the starter key in on position.
f. Select the direction of travel and place the direction controller hand lever in forward and reverse position accordingly.
g. Press the accelerator gradually to get the smooth acceleration and reach the top speed.
h. Avoid torun truck in partial speed continuously as it will drain the battery early.
i. Use the foot brake lever as and when necessary to stop or slow down the trucks.
j. Do not start the truck with accelerator fully pressed.
k. Do not apply the brakes suddenly unless otherwise it is absolutely necessary.
l. Do not steer the truck in full speed.
m. While truck is in motion, do not free hand the steering wheel.
n. While stopping the truck, leave the foot from accelerator, judging the necessary stopping distance apply the brakes by pressing foot pedal gradually.

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Software Requirement :   No Requirement

Hardware Requirement :   Steering system, battery, electric controller, R.G. and Propeller Shaft, Brake system, etc.

Application :   ? The battery operated platform truck is used for carrying loads from one place to another. ? It is used in Railway workshops for transferring the heavy metal or non-metal parts from one workshop to another.

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