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bus reservation system project in java source code pdf

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Project Discription


bus reservation system project in java source code. In this eon of rapid growth of advanced technology, humans are loosing their peace of mind which crave them to travel more. For making travelling easy and soothing for them we have emerged a platform known as bus reservation system. Bus reservation system project is a desktop application which is developed in java platform. This application has emerged some special features which makes it facile for the users.

It has following features-

  • Home
  • PNR
  • Bus
  • Login
  • Register


Home page of this software shows all the features, we can opt any of the option from the home page.


In this section user can search buses according to their wish. This section has one sub-section which is known as Bus-type, through which we can select the type of the bus we want to book like AC, Non-Ac, sleeper.

 Register /Login

 Features is also there if a person is new to our website they can first register then they can login by using their ID Password. In the login section three sub-section are there- Admin, manager and user. In the admin section an admin can check all the information related to booking, payments and many more. Now, when we come to manager in this feature an admin has decentralized some of their power to the manager, so the authority is given according to their roles and responsibility. Then, here comes the last section which is user, here a user can login and can fetch the desired information.


 We have also introduced one more feature When a user book their ticket one number is given to them through this no. a user can check the Departure date and can also navigate the bus route.

This project is divided into three parts:-

  • Admin-  This features consists of following roles like an admin can see all the data, booking details of all user, managers data and payment details. He can also add manager if he wish to.
  • Manager-  A manager can manage the data of his concerned area, he can fetch all the information related to his concerned area.
  • Users-  After login a user can see his booking details, can check the info related to payment and can navigate the route.

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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   Netbeans, jsp servlet, database-My Sql

Hardware Requirement :   Processor- Pentium 4 RAM- 512 Mb. Hard Disk - 80 GB . Monitor- SVGA Color Monitor. Keyboard - Standard keyboard. Mouse - Standard mouse

Application :