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Box Transport Mechanism a Final Year Project for Mechanical

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There has been a serious demand for intermittent movement of packages in the industries right from the start. Though the continuous movement is more or less important in the same field the sporadic motion has become essential .The objective of our project is to produce a mechanism that delivers this stop and move motion using mechanical linkages. The advantage of our system over the conveyor system is that the system has a time delay between moving packages and this delay can be used to introduce any alterations in the package or move the package for any other purpose and likewise. While in conveyor system such actions cannot be performed unless programmed module is used to produce intermittent stopping of the belt which basically is costly. The prototype design requires electric motor, shafts and the frame of which the frame and platform on which the packages are moved is fabricated. All the links are being made of Wood which reduces the weight of the whole system including the head which has a direct contact with the boxes being moved. The system is expected to move as heavy packages as 2 - 3kgs approximately.


The aim of this project is to fabricate the box moving mechanism, which can make easier to move boxes from one section to the other while processing in the factories.

In a workstation, an assembly line in order to obtain the required production rate and to achieve a minimum amount of idle time.



Fabricate a Box transport mechanism which can move things from one place to another Understand project planning and execution.

Understand the fabrication techniques in a mechanical workshop.

Understand the usage of various mechanical machine tools and also measuring tools.

Fabrication Process

1. First of all we have prepared the drawing for the machine transporter machine.
2. Then we make the measurement for the bed of the box transport machine.
3. We took the wooden block and cut them in the given measurements using the cutting machine.
4. Then we took that pieces and fitting them in the prepared shaped drawing.
5. After making the fit of wooden block bed for the machine was ready.
6. Then we took the MDF sheet plate and then taking the measurement of box transport machine we cut the pieces in the given length.
7. After cutting the plate in the given size we put a shaft in the lathe machine for giving it the shape of shaft.
8. After preparing the shaft, hanger and crank we take it over the drill machine to make the holes in them as the given dimension in the drawing.
9. After this we had prepared the shaft which is going move the boxes to the next level with using it edges on the top of it. We cut the MDF sheet plate in the given dimensions and then edges also, after cutting we make the fitting to attach these edges with the plate on the given distance dimensions.
10. Now all of the things for the machine are prepared.
11. On this step we took the electric motor and fix that on the bed of the machine on the given place.
12. After fixing the motor we fixed the crank with it from one side and other side was attached to the shaft 1. 
13. Then we took the hanger link and attach it with the shaft 1, while the other edge of the hanger link is attached to the shaft 2.
14. Then both of the shafts were attached to the transporting shaft.
15. Two other hanger links was also attached to the shafts.
16. Other two hanger link and transporting shaft was attached to the top of the bed in the bearing gear.
17. Out box transporting machine is ready now.
18. We give the current to the electric motor and put the boxes on the top of the machine for testing it.
19. It was working well and boxes are moving to the next level.



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Software Requirement :   No Requirement

Hardware Requirement :   MDF Wooden plate, Wooden plate cutter, Welding machine Lathe Machine, Drill machine Electric motor, Iron angles, Steel file tool measuring tape, Vices Cutting shearing pliers

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