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web mini projects



student who belongs to final year and third year so we have many web mini projects for them along with source code, documentation file , pdf file and project report with paper presentation for free of cost. Web mini projects can help you perform well in your interviews for core job placements and upcoming web development projects so we provide projects for final year engineering, m-tech and diploma students. We have developed around 1000+ php, java and python projects for computer science engineering student. We provide one of the best web mini projects for students and these projects are very helpful for them we provide projects on latest technologies like digital image processing, cloud computing, networking, and web security.

Latest web mini project list

  1. Online Shopping Project
  1. Online Banking system
  2. employee attendance management system project
  3. Employee Record System c mini project
  4. Download Mini Project in C Bank Management System with Source Code


Latest technologies to build innovative mini projects

  1. java mini projects
  1. php mini projects

Online Electronic Shopping PHP Project

Library management system project in php

employee management system project in php

online doctor appointment system project in php


2. Electronics Mini Projects

  1. Civil mini project
  2. python mini projects

Here students can download large collection of computer science and information technology web mini projects.

Download web mini projects from here

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