image processing projects using matlab with source code pdf



image processing projects using matlab with source code pdf. 100 digital image processing project download source  and pdf file like that Audio data hiding in digital Image DCT and Swapping Tecnique project with souce code and pdf. 

With the increase in the digital media transfer and modification of data is very easy. So this work focus on transferring audio data by hiding in image. Here a robust approach is achieved by using encryption/ decryption algorithm at sender and receiver side. In this work image is transform by DCT so little confusion can be create for the intruder. Here whole audio hiding was done by modified by using swapping of hiding position values as per input bit. This approach was utilized to the point that hiding information and image can be effectively recover with no information loss. Investigation is done on genuine dataset image. Assessment parameter esteems and demonstrates that proposed work has keep up the SNR, PSNR values with high security of the information.


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