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we provide image processing mini projects using matlab code , source code, ppt, pdf file. image processing projec A Survey on various features and Techniques of Video action Detection.The aim of object Detection is to find an object of a pre-defined class in video frames. Video files was a combination of multiple frames and huge facts, hence video tracking is time overriding actions. Tracking was not the only work in this field but identification of interest, especially on tracking of moving vehicles as well as walkers is a important issue. In event of any strange actions, an attentive should be provided. Normally a video tracking system combines three stages of data treating object extraction, object recognition, tracking, and decisions about activities. This paper different techniques by which one can recognize and track objects in the shadowed region, crowed area, multi modality background and defromable based objects. Paper has discussed few features as well which are required for detecting or analyzing objects in video frames. 

Videos are actually sequences of images, each of which called a frame, displayed in fast enough frequency so that human eyes can percept the continuity of its content. It is obvious that all image processing techniques can be applied to individual frames. Besides, the contents of two consecutive frames are usually closely related. Visual content can be modeled as a hierarchy of abstractions. At the first level are the raw pixels with color or brightness information. Further processing yields features such as edges, corners, lines, curves, and color regions. A higher abstraction layer may combine and interpret these features as objects and their attributes. 

Data Hiding on Selected Object Track

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