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Water Reservoir Controller Using GSM Module

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About Project

This System Control the Water Pump which are place in the colony, society big tanks and control the pump status on or off this circuit take the two different power supply for control the Pump and Control unit and also remember the timing of the pump running status.

In this system we send the information to the our Device for run in proper way for our convince in the form of simple text format threw the Mobile in this massage we send the time in minute as well as second and pump condition and according to this information our device is running and also send information of its information and if some problem accrue at the Pump Unit then it send the massage back to us and also send the what problem are occur there.

Component list:

  1. Control unit:


P89V51RD2B (micro- controller)

Crystal (11.0592 MHz)

Capacitor (33pf)

RSTBank (104)

IC Base (40pin)

Char LCD (JHD16*2)

POT (103)

Voltage Regulator (7805)


  1. Diodes




  1. Capacitors:






  1. PCB:

“6 X 8”

  1. Pump Unit:


Cooler Motor (220Vac)


  1. Coupling Unit :


Optocoupler (MCT 2E)


Resistance (10k)


Switch Driver IC (ULN2800)




  1. Software used:





  1. Miscellaneous:

IC Base (40 pin)

IC Base (16 pin)


Battery (9v)

Battery clamp

Ferric Chloride

Soldering Wire

Connecting wires

Soldering Paste

25 Pins D-type


LED for indication

Transformer 12v 750mA

Gsm module


  1. Highly sensitive
  2. Fit and forget system
  3.  Complete elimination of manpower
  4. This project controls  the on-off action of the motor in the field
  5.  Low cost and easy to implement.
  6.  Can cover maximum area in a field


• Difficult in case of failure of GSM modem

 • Kit is to be protected from reaching water.

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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   PCB Layout software, Keil Microcontroller

Hardware Requirement :   No Requirement

Application :  

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