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Optical Goggles Frame Online Website project With Source Code

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Optical Goggles Frame Online Websiteproject With Source Code

Optical goggle frame online website is developed by using python. It is basically designed for customers and shopkeepers. This can also be useful for students and any individual who wants to learn and understand about how it’s done because here we provide it with the source code so they can learn from live projects.

 By using this website one can grasp goggles frame from their desired brand, style, colour etc. in one place.

Website specifications work in two modules; one for customers and other for admins. In the following segment we are going to discuss both of them separately.

There are many features provided by this project; here we are going to discuss some of them for better understanding. They are as follows :

For customers

  • Have a secure login system for their account on site.
  • Can see products with its specifications.
  • Can see products by category and sub category.
  • Can add multiple products in cart.
  • Purchase glasses with a smooth and convenient payment system i.e. online, COD.
  • Secure online payment system.

For Admin

  • Unique id for secure login.
  • Only entities who have authority to control activities on the site.
  • Can add products with their specific details.
  • Can manage products list by updating or deleting products.
  • Can create new categories for products.
  • Can add subcategories and manage them as required.
  • Can manage users, profile, addresses etc on the site.

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Other Detail

Software Requirement :   This Project was developed n core Php, which need XAMPP server and any editor like notepad++ or visual studio or any other.

Hardware Requirement :   The minimum hardware requirement is 2 GB RAM, i3 Processor and Hard Disk

Project Attachement

Source Code Complete source code files

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