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The need for online grocery has emerged because of change in working conditions over the last decade with both partners working for long hours. Also, with urbanization and soaring land prices, it has become difficult to find large amount of land within cities like Mumbai, Delhi to open large stores. Hence, the new hyper-local markets are being opened in outer areas resulting in the increased distances that one has to travel to get to hyper-local store. This coupled with long billing queues leave little time for people to shop on stores. Apart from this, the ubiquitous presence of Internet has made it possible for the grocery stores to go online and has resulted in growth of e-tailing. Although, from outside the industry for online grocery looks very attractive, however not many start-ups in this domain were able to survive leaving few players in the market. This report covers three major aspects of this industry including attractiveness of this industry, challenges and opportunities for the current online players and how offline retail giants like More, Reliance fresh can build their brand in online grocery space. 

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Application :   People can use this project file to increase there sale for various set of grocery items they sale. Here some benefits with drawbacks are mention so one can aware of each issues.

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