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Line following Robot for Electronics Project

Son Kumar




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Line follower Robot is a machine which pursues a line, it might be a dark line or a white line. Fundamentally two kinds of line adherent robots are: one is dark line supporter which pursues dark line and second one is white line follower which pursues white line. Line supporter really faculties the line and keep running over it. In our past ventures, we have made a dark line supporter robot utilizing arduino yet this time we will make white line follower utilizing 8051 microcontroller.


We can separate the entire line supporter robot into different areas like sensor segment, control segment and driver segment.

Sensor segment: This area contains IR diodes, potentiometer, Comparator (Op-Amp) and LED's. Potentiometer is utilized for setting reference voltage at comparator's one terminal and IR sensors sense the line and give an adjustment in voltage at comparator's second terminal. At that point comparator looks at the two voltages and produces an advanced flag at yield. Here in this circuit we utilized two comparator for two sensors. LM358 is utilized as comparator. LM358 has inbuilt two low clamor Op-amp.

Control Section: 8051 microcontroller is utilized for controlling entire the procedure of line adherent robot. The yields of comparators are associated with stick number P0.0 and P0.1 of 8051. 8051 peruses these signs and send directions to driver circuit to drive line adherent.

Driver area: Driver segment comprises engine driver and two DC engines. Engine driver is utilized for driving engines on the grounds that microcontroller does not supply enough voltage and ebb and flow to engine. So we added an engine driver circuit to get enough voltage and momentum for engine. Microcontroller sends directions to this engine driver and afterward it drive engines.

Working of Line Follower Robot utilizing 8051

Line supporter robot detects white line by utilizing sensor and afterward sends signs to microcontroller. At that point microcontroller drives the engine as indicated by sensors' yield.

Here in this task we are utilizing two IR sensors combine. Assume we are calling left sensor and right sensor of IR sensor Pair, at that point both left and right sensors sense nothing or dark line then robot push ahead.

Furthermore, when left sensor detects white line then robot turn left side.and when left sensor sense white line then robot swings to right side until the point that both sensor comes at dark line or faculties nothing surface. What's more, when the two sensors goes ahead white line, robot stop. Line Follower Robot Stop. 

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electronics projects pdf

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Software Requirement :   Dip Trace, Tina Pro

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