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Sheikh Mohd. Ashraf




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A gate or a Gateway is a entry point to a place. Gates are a nescessary part of a house since they control the entry and the exit of the individuals who are entering or exiting the premises. A gate may be defined as the opening between the walls which is movable which allows it to open and close. A lock is provided so that in the event of absence of the owner, no other individual can enter the premises. The sole purpose of the gate is to restrict the entry of any unwanted individual or thing. The moving part of the gate are called doors. 

The drawing can be taken as a reference for making your own design. This gate is designed in such a way that it can be used for various kinds of structures. This design can be used for the bungalows, residential apartments, schools, etc. as they are very doors and they can be made with the iron, steel, etc. whatever be your choice. Since the gate will be very heavy therefore it is supported by the columns at both the ends. This gate is provided with two single swing doors which can be when it is not nescessary to use the main doors. Plus, there is a art work at the doors which make it beautiful and attractive at the same time. 

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Software Requirement :   AutoCAD 2014 or Higher

Hardware Requirement :   Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB Ram (2 GB Recommended), Graphics Card (1 GB)

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Source Code Gate Design by Ashraf