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Fire Alarm Project for Electrical and Electronics Student

Indore M Tech Thesis Provider


Indore Vijaywada



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Fire Alarm Electronics Project Circuit Free Dowmload

In this project an alarm was produced by the circuit which will inform people near by so that lessen damage for the buiding or property will be happen. HEre a temperature sensening senor was used for the detection. In this work student can use some GSM model as well for the home security when people are absense as well. 

  • Sensor
    • Teperature Sensor
      • LM358
      • Resistance (10k,1k)
      • LM35
      • LED(As a Indicator Red & Green)
      • Potentiometer (10k)
      • Connector

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Software Requirement :   No Requirement

Hardware Requirement :   o Main Power Supply ? Voltage Regulator (7805) ? Diode (1N4007) ? Capacitor (1000uf,104pf) ? LED For indication ? Transformer 12v 750mA

Application :  

Project Attachement

Doc PCB Work
Source Code Complete Circuit Diagram files